WIWW: My First StitchFix


Before I had Gunner, clothes shopping happened pretty frequently. I never spent a lot of money because I'm pretty frugal, but I at least spent a little time shopping and trying on clothes by myself. I'd grab a Starbucks coffee and browse the clothing at Target, Kohls, Forever 21 (and anywhere else I could find good deals) for hours. 

Now that Gunner is here, those shopping trips almost never happen. There's always a long list of things to do and a leisurely shopping trip is at the bottom, bottom, bottom of the list. 

So when I heard Kacia and Natalie about how they were able to shop during nap time through StitchFix, I just had to see what they were talking about. 

You're interested now too, aren't you? Here's the StitchFix process in just a few short steps...
1. Sign up & get on the waiting list
2. Receive email from stylist
3. Fill out fun style survey (questions about sizing, price range, & style are asked)
4. Receive shipment of 5 different pieces in the mail
5. Have a fun little fashion show for yourself, your husband, your friends, whoever!
6. Keep items you want. Send back items you don't want with free shipping. 

And just a few other specifics, there is a $20 styling fee BUT that $20 goes toward any item that you decide to keep; so basically, the styling is free because you're most definitely gonna want to keep at least one item! Also, if you keep all of your items, you receive 25% off your whole order. Lastly, StitchFix is not a monthly subscription (although you can opt to receive it monthly), you can just do it once or you can do it a million times. I really like this because with budgeting it's hard for me to commit to paying something like this every month.

So, after reading up on all of the details, I put my name on the waiting list and maybe two days later I received an email asking me to fill out my style survey. I answered some fun, painless questions, chose the week I wanted my package to ship, clicked submit, and then began the process of patiently waiting for my package to arrive. 

My package arrived this past Friday about 45 minutes before G's afternoon nap, and even though it killed me, I waited to open the box till he went to sleep. I knew I'd want to try on the items right away, so it was best to just wait. 

The first thing I loved about my package? A free little gift comes with each order! My first gift? POST-IT NOTES! Call me crazy, but I have a major weakness for office supplies. Love.

I also noticed that each piece had a style suggestion card. The card had some writing on the back with styling suggestions and the reverse side (seen here) showed pictures with the piece featured in different outfits.

You'll have to forgive the iPhone pictures. Hubby was more than willing to take pictures for me, but I just wasn't feeling it.  So, iPhone pictures is what we've got. Let's get started.

The first item I pulled out was a semi-sheer, collared, blue & green striped tank top. I really liked it upon first glance, although I was a little unsure about the collar. I did love that it was a tank top though, because it can easily be worn in the Texas heat and then again in the fall/winter with a cardigan. This was a keeper.

The second item was another tank top that is very loosely knit. I don't really knew how to describe it but it would snag like crazy anytime I carried my six month old, was around the dogs, or did anything really. Maybe it would work for other's but I'm just too active in my day-to-day to wear something that "fragile." I wasn't a big fan of the color or fit either. Plus, it's somewhat see through...I felt awkward even posting this picture.  I obviously didn't keep this.

The third item was a chambray button-up skirt that I really, really wanted to like, but it just didn't work. I thought I'd try it with a tshirt (one of my faves...Johnny Cash!) like the style card suggested, but that didn't work. The skirt was also a little tight in the waist. You can probably tell that I didn't even try to get a good picture in this, I felt like I was wearing something horrible from the 80's. I didn't keep this item either.

The fourth item was yet another tank top (again, perfect for summer to fall/winter transitions..love that) that was loose, flowy, and had a tribal print. It could easily be dressed up or down and it was super comfy. Honestly, I hesitated on keeping it because the tag said "dry clean only" (yes, I consider that when buying items), but decided to keep it when I read online how to safely wash rayon fabric at home. 

My fifth and final item was a plain black dress with a flower pattern cut out along the bottom. The fabric felt fantastic and since it was so basic it could be mixed around in a lot of different ways. Again, it could make an easy transition from summer to fall/winter. BUT, it was way, way too short and a little obscene for me to even take a picture in. 

After returning your items, you can review the specific items and give your opinion (what you liked/didn't like, how it fit, did it cost too much, etc.). That page looks like this...

And if you decide to do another fix, you are able to retake your style survey to re-adjust anything you'd like! I love that option because I learned a lot through my first fix and know some things that I'd like to change.

All in all, my first fix was definitely a great experience and I'll be doing it again! If you decide to try out StitchFix, will you click the graphic below to sign up? If you use that link to sign up, I am able to gain some credit off of each sign up. I'd really love that help!

Have you used StitchFix before? What do you think of the idea?

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