Some Days You Just Have To Laugh...

Some days you just have to laugh... 

...when you decide to make a quick run to Target sans makeup, shower, or public appropriate clothes and you see everyone and their mom.

...when your son has a diaper blowout as you pull into story time at the library. 

...when you drive to the grocery store to get all things needed for a big taco dinner and remember everything (including extra limes for your Bud Light Lime) BUT the ground beef for the tacos.

...when for the first time in three days you've finally washed your hair and as soon as you finish blow drying, your baby promptly spits up all over previously mentioned hair

...when you sat aside an hour to write a thought provoking blog post, and instead spent that hour cleaning dog vomit out of your brand new carpet. Yep.

Just had to be real, y'all.

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