iPhone Photo Dump {14}

I can't believe that the last week of August is over! Like everyone in blog land, I'm ready for fall to get here, although we still have quite some time till we lose the hot temps here in Texas.

We made two trips to the doctor this week...one for Gunner's six month checkup (I'll write a separate post on that later) and one for me and Cody. I started to feel under the weather on Monday and Cody came down with it on Tuesday. I remember a friend of mine who is also a SAHM telling me that it's really hard when you're sick because there are no calling in sick days for stay-at-home mommas. And boy was I feeling the truth of that statement at the end of the day on Monday. We made a trip to CareNow on Tuesday after dropping G off with my aunt, and find out we both had sinus and upper respiratory infections. We're feeling much better after all of our medicines, and I am so grateful. Thanks for all of the well wishes that you left on my post about being under the weather

We also had a big development with Gunner starting to crawl! I wrote an entire post (here) about it, so I won't bore you with the details again. Gunner also has two teeth coming in so we've been taking on the mood swings that come with that...lots of tag team care going on. 

In between those things, we've made trips to the gym and watched rain fall outside our windows, I love watching things like that through Gunner's little eyes. So much amazement.

1. Watching Daddy unload the lumber for our patio cover
2. Yep, he's crawling...at 6 months...
3. Trip to CareNow for me & Code
4. Playing in the waiting room at the pediatrician
5. Checking himself out at the doctor
6. Stealing kisses & smooshing cheeks after bath time
7. Watching the rain fall
8. A new pretty spiral for my daily to-do lists
9. Passed out in the car

Happy weekend, y'all!
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