iPhone Photo Dump {13}

I didn't post an iPhone Photo Dump post last week, so this post has two weeks worth of photos!

We've been pretty busy here. We had family visit, had a construction crew working in our backyard, made a visit to the fire station, Cody helped move my brothers into their college housing, joined a local gym, and on top of all of that, Gunner is cutting his first tooth. 

A quick note dealing with my Instagram account...I have decided to make it private. After seeing several different stories on the internet of IG photos being stolen, I felt it best to make my account private. As you know, my account is full of pictures of my son and while I love sharing pictures of my blog, I want to have some control over how they are shown. For example, I am able to put a watermark over the picture when it comes to my blog and I am also able to choose what is put out there. Sometimes I want to use Instagram filters on my pictures without everyone on Instagram being able to see them.

I just wanted to address this because since making it private, I've had some readers ask why I've done this. I know as someone who writes a blog, I put my life out there for people to read, but I strongly believe that I still maintain the right to have privacy. I will keep my IG name on my contact page and you are more than welcome to ask to be my friend...honestly, if I recognize you from the blogging world and know you aren't a total creeper, I'll accept you. I just want to know that I am filtering who can see my pictures.

Okay, now, onto the past two weeks through the lens of my iPhone...

1. Visiting Daddy at the fire station
2. Driver/Engineer Skinner
3. Me & G
4. Definitely gonna need to buy more baseball caps
5. Reading 
6. Our new patio
7. 6 months old!
8. Napping while the baby naps
9. My first StitchFix order

1. All of the pieces from my "fix" (see me wearing them right here
2. Pitiful face after puking all over me
3. Nothing cuter than a baby in a bath
4. Cuddling in blankets on a rainy day
5. Sunshine through our window after the rain
6. Stop growing, k?
7. "Look what I can do, Momma!"
8. Lots of coffee when there's a teething baby in the house
9. Just watchin his shows ;)

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Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! We don't have anything planned, and I just happen to love that. What will you be up to?
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