iPhone Photo Dump {12}

Another week down and another weekend on it's way. Do any other stay-at-home moms get just as excited as I do for the weekend?

Teething for Gunner is in full swing. No teeth have popped through but he is very, very irritable and whimpers in his sleep, through out the night. Been a little tired lately because of that. 

We're attending a fire department party for one of the guys' birthdays tonight and then Cody is working a double shift on Saturday and Sunday. We'll miss Daddy, really hoping the hours pass quickly.

1. Happy baby
2. Nap protesting baby
3. Cranky, sleep deprived, teething baby
4. Best friends
5. Two more blog planner orders sent out
6. Figuring out his toys
7. Playing with Gram
8. Stepping out of my fashion comfort zone
9. Nap time cuddles

And in case you missed any posts this week...
Tuesday: 300 Follower Giveaway!!! (STILL OPEN. 27 prizes, 3 winners!)  

Have a great weekend, y'all!
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