iPhone Photo Dump {11}

1. Sitting up and playing by himself 
2. Watching Momma get ready
3. Drool monster
4. Gunner and Daddy playtime
5. Squirming on a blanket made by Gram
6. Wearing Daddy's hat
8. Mommy kisses
9. Always watching our Molly girl
Well, looky there, a whole week of Gunner through Instagram. Really y'all, I didn't take any other pictures. I'm home all week with him, what do you expect? Plus, he's dadgum cute. This week was also pretty busy, even though it might not look like it. We had family stop by a few times and a fire department party to attend. Cody is also tackling a construction project in our backyard, extending and covering our patio and that's been a lot of work. I also feel like I've stayed up way too late every night this week watching the Olympics, and I've definitely paid for it.

I've had a lot on my mind lately and this weekend I'm hoping to get a chance to write it all out. A lot of it leans toward the more serious side, but I still hope you'll come back and read. I so love hearing your thoughts and opinions on what's running through my mind.

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