Gunner: Five Months

Since Gunner will be turning six months this week (WHAAAT?!), I thought I should make sure to get his five months post up. I find myself putting these posts off every month because while I love watching Gunner grow and find myself enjoying each stage more and more, it makes me sad to see my little boy growing up so fast.
Here is G in all of his five month glory...

You're sitting up! You actually started sitting on your own the day you turned five months. You also now get on your hands and knees, rock back and forth, and lunge at everything...especially at the dogs. You're lucky they're so patient with you.
Still going to bed around 7:00 and waking around 5:30 each morning. Napping got a little better for a short time but it's become a battle again. I'm not really sure what we'll try next.
Still a champion with your solids and keeping pretty consistent on the number of bottles you take. So far on our solids menu we have...peas, sweet potatoes, pears, apples, and bananas. 
Less and less common these days. But there are two specific instances in which you cry...when you've begun to cry when you wake up after falling asleep in a foreign place, I think part of that is coming with the stranger danger you're starting to develop and late at night which is when your teeth some to bother you most. 
The puppy dogs
Remotes of any kind
Army crawling/scooching everywhere
Your bumbo chair, you're so over sitting still
Nap time (this has been common in each month)
Being around lots of people you don't know
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