Firefighter Wives: Amy from Live, Laugh, Love...Our Way

Your name and age?
Amy Brown, 31

Your occupation? 
Stay at home mom 

Personal blog/website?
Live, Laugh, Love...Our Way

What fire department does your husband work for? 
Navy Sub Base Groton/RI Air National Guard, Quonset ANG Base

How long has your husband been a firefighter?
16 years (He started volunteering at his local department when he was 15)

What is their ranking within the department?
On the Sub Base, he's a firefighter. In the Air National Guard, he's the Assistant Chief of Training 

So far, what has been your proudest moment in their career?
Civilian job: when he was asked to become an acting captain for his shift. A few shifts a month, he is the captain for his crew.

Military job: That's a tougher question. I've never been as proud of him as when he became an assistant chief, however, seeing him put on rank is a close second.

In your opinion, what is the best part about being a part of the firefighter lifestyle?
We're a family. This past October, I gave birth to our first child. Everyone at both departments was constantly asking how I was doing, if we needed anything. They were all amazing when my pregnancy took a tough turn, and I needed Nick home a lot, well, actually, I needed him at labor and delivery a lot. No one ever hesitated if I called and said I needed to talk to him. Once he would tell his superiors what was going on, they always sent him home immediately, without waiting for relief to get there. Now that our son is 9 months old, the guys all ask about him, look for pictures of him, ask if we need anything. Especially the civilian guys, they are all available at anytime while Nick is away with the military. If Aidan and I need anything, I know that someone will always be there to lend a helping hand. I love being part of the family.
In your opinion, what is the most difficult about being a part of the firefighter lifestyle?
There are a number of things that are difficult. Because Nick works as a civilian on a military instillation, they work military firefighters hours. 24 hours on, 24 hours off. Besides that, there is also military duty. I miss having him home on a daily basis. I also feel bad that he doesn't get to spend as much time with Aidan as he'd like. He also misses a lot of milestones. I make sure to take TONS of pictures and text/skype with daddy when we can. The other thing that really gets to me is being on the phone with him, and hearing the tones drop. Knowing that he's going out, but not knowing where or to what tends to make me worry.

What has been the scariest moment in their career?
When the USS Miami went up a couple months ago, 12 guys from the Sub Base went to fight that fire. Nick was called in off his 3 day break to back fill the station. I was worried sick all night, not knowing if he was getting sent to Maine, wondering who had been sent, and hoping and praying that all our guys were safe. It was a heart wrenching night, for sure. Deployments are also scary. No matter where they go, there's always danger. My husbands last deployment was to a seemingly safe place, where he stayed in a hotel on the beach for 4.5 months. There was still danger there. They had quite a few calls with military air crafts, and they also had some run ins with snipers outside the fire compound. Fortunately, he didn't tell me that part until he was home safely in my arms. 
What do you think is the most misunderstood part of firefighting?
The hours. What they do when they aren't on a call. Mostly, I think it's truly misunderstood that firefighters are overpaid. It's simply not the case. These men and women put their lives on the line for people I personally don't think they could ever be paid enough. They are the ones running in, while everyone else is running out. 

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