10 Things About Me

1. I eat a bowl of cereal for dinner pretty much every night that Cody is on shift.

2. I almost never re-watch movies or re-read books. I get really bored when I know what's going to happen next. 

3. I always read the "care" labels on clothes before purchasing. If something is dry clean only, I have to really, really love it to purchase it. 

4. I like Starbucks but my favorite coffee comes from a local coffee shop in our town. 

5. Due to all of the time I spent in/visiting hospitals this year (Cody's father was in for blood clots, Gunner being born, my Dad being in the hospital twice for surgery & then blood clots), I've really considered going to nursing school when my kids are grown and in school. I loved seeing men and women who enjoyed taking care of and serving others. 

6. I used to think anyone who watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians was ridiculous...but after watching Khloe and Lamar's wedding episode a few seasons ago, I am now hooked.

7. I like to work out next to someone, whether I know them or not. Riding the bike/running the treadmill/etc. all becomes a competition when someone else is next to me. That's ridiculously, not normal competitive, I know.

8. Most days I spend so much time organizing (and reorganizing) parts of our house, that I don't get a lot of actual cleaning done. 

9. I have 3 tattoos. I'd like lots more. 

10. I've worn that chambray shirt in the picture above multiple times in the past few months, and just now realized that it's missing a button. Oops. 

Share some random things about you in the comments! And if you have any questions you'd like me to answer, leave them in the comments too! Maybe I'll do a Q&A post?

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