Watermarks...And Why I've Begun Using One.

In my past few posts, you might have noticed that I have been adding somewhat of a "watermark" on my pictures. It looks a little something like this...

(That's a face that doesn't like avocado.)

You hear a lot of mixed things about watermarks. I personally was never a fan of them. I understood why people put them on DIY posts, especially with the world of Pinterest, but personal pictures, I guess I never saw the point. That was until I read this post written by Nicole.

You can read the article with full details here, but this story really made me think about watermarking. In short, a young woman from Ohio spent 11 years stealing the pictures of a blogger's family and children. Not only did she use this family's pictures, she fabricated the story of a fake young boy with cancer, a faked dead mother of eleven children, and more. This woman created blogs and multiple social media profiles to continue her lie. To make matters even worse, this woman collected money for the fake boy's cancer and to help provide for the family after the faked death of the mother.

Sure, I know this is an extreme, but it happened. It freaks me out to think that someone could use pictures of me or my child to fabricate any kind of lie. 

It makes me sad, because as Nicole said in her post, I started this blog to document my son's life because I knew I would always have it. I couldn't lose it or it couldn't be destroyed, it would be here years from now for him to see and read, and know what I thought and felt. I guess this is just one of those things that comes with the blogging territory.

So that's the watermark, a crazy story, and the reason why I will now be using it. I'm sorry if it annoys you, but it will be there for reasons I feel strongly about.

If you'd like to start adding a watermark to your photos, you can find some unique, fun fonts at dafont.com. You don't have to stick with the boring, old fonts that come with your computer.

Do you use a watermark on your blog images?
Do you think you'll consider using them now?