Sponsort Spotlight Pt. 1

Today is my first round of my sponsor spotlights. I have a lot of great ladies on board for the months of July and I hope you'll take some time to check them out. 

I asked my sponsors to share a little blurb about their blog, but I also asked them to tell me where they'd love to vacation if money and time were no object. I'm telling ya, I'd love to vacation with some of these ladies.

I'm Jessica and I blog over at Jessica Who?. The title of my blog refers to the constant "Jessica who??" question that all of us Jessica's face. I'm a Texas girl who lives in Hawaii with my sweet husband and our baby, Duke (he's a 1 year old puggle). I write about everything from recipes (I don't cook but I love to eat) and fashion (I like to pretend that I know what I'm talking about).

Where would you travel?

 I am a 20-something customer support rep by day and blog designer by night living in Auckland, New Zealand but proudly from Vancouver, Canada. My blog is totally non-specific, and I write about whatever is on my mind that day, whether it be something deep and meaningful, showcasing my most recent blog designs, or the amount of edamame I ate that day and how I wish I had a million cats. My favorite hobbies are kayaking {though I haven't done it since I've been gone from home, cause I'm too scared of the ocean here!! Sharks!!!}, shopping {haha, I'm a professional}, graphic design and going to cute cafes. I am not married but I wear a little heart ring on my wedding ring finger that I got from my boyfriend because I do intend to marry him someday. {Cue scaring my boyfriend away..} I also intend to have his babies but we'll give that a few more years, haha. I would love for you to pop over and introduce your lovely self.

Where would you travel?
 Back home to Canada! I miss it so much...but I'll be home soon enough.

 I am a graphic design student from the Boston area but going to school in New Hampshire. I am the fur mama to a Cali the cat and Willow the bunny. I paint my nails too often, watch too many movies. shop too much, and eat too many cupcakes. I am also a compulsive list maker who talks to much which is how lala Lists was born!

Where would you travel?
Ireland. I have always been obsessed with all things Irish (not that any part of my heritage is Irish)… I think it might be the accents. But I have always wanted to go there, and there I wouldn't have to deal with the New England humidity that makes my hair go from 0 to 60 in five seconds flat.

My blog started about a year ago as a way for me to document my transition from city life in Seattle to country life in Oregon on my husband's family vineyard and farm. My hubby and I just got married in May so we are very newly weds. I'm a stay at home wife hoping to be a mom in the near future. I mostly take care of the house, our furry babies, my hubs, and our enormous yard. I'd say one of my favorite hobby is working on my house but aside from that, I love practicing yoga and getting outside as much as possible. My blog is about all sorts of stuff but lately it's been more DIY and recipes then anything. I try to add humor to is with funny stories from the farm whenever they happen.

Where would you travel?
 I'd say I'd go back to SE Asia with my hubs. I lived over there about two years ago and we just traveled to Vietnam and Thailand in February for a month. If not there then someplace in central or south America or Paris, my favorite city in the world.

 My blog started as a way for me to organize recipes, then a place to story memories of my second born (as her baby book sits near empty.) Once I started writing more about life and other things, I realized that the passion I had for writing was still there. I write about my husband, two daughters, food, crafts, kid stuff, marriage stuff, life stuff. I try to be funny and honest. Mostly honest, because there's no sense in spewing lies that will make another person feel horrible about their reality.

Where would you travel?
I would love to go just about anywhere. The husband and I haven't gone anywhere together, just us, since our mini moon to Duluth MN. Whoot! If there's a beach, a bar and my kids aren't around, I'm in!!

 I'm an ex Veterinary Technician, now a Stay At Home Momma to my beautiful, adventurous 13 month old baby girl, my little bean. My husband and I believe in the Attachment Parenting lifestyle, and my fun and quirky blog lets readers take a look into our day to day living. I'm doing some sort of jib between dancing and stumbling as I figure out this parenting thing. Although my daughter is graceful like a ballerina as she discovers new, exciting things about the world every day. The blog is full of anecdotes, and adorable pictures. It's our life, our crazy beautiful life

Where would you travel?
If I could go anywhere this summer, I'd take my family up to Mt. Desert Island, Maine. It's been a summer vacation spot for my family as I grew up, and I shared it with my husband two summers ago. That was also the vacation where we found out we were expecting our little bean! The weather is beautiful, as well as the scenery. I also love the atmosphere, and all the land to explore! It truly is a getaway up on the East Coast.

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