An Ode To Sleep...

This past Saturday, at 9 am, Cody and I were both marveling at the fact that the dogs had already been walked, breakfast had been cooked and eaten, the house had been vacuumed, the dishwasher had been filled and run, and both of us had already showered...again, all before 9 am.

For those of you that have been parents for awhile, that might be nothing new to you, but for two people who used to wake up on a Saturday at 8 am, let the dogs out, make a donut run, and go back to sleep till noon...this was a big deal. 

So this is my ode to sleep, to late mornings in my PJs, to donut runs on the fly, to waking up & going back to sleep...again and again. I won't lie, sometimes I miss those days. Those days were pretty awesome in a lot of ways.

But those days lacked a smiling baby in footie pajamas, good morning cuddles, and a pair of little hands constantly trying to grab my coffee cup. 

It's been a trade, but I'd say that I definitely came out on top.