iPhone Photo Dump {9}

Happy Friday, guys!

I hope however you're spending your Friday, you're having a great one. Gunner is staying with my Grandma today while Cody and I are at the Firefighter Olympics. Every summer in Texas, the Firefighter Olympics are held and departments from all over the state come to the DFW area to compete in sporting events. Cody is playing for Euless' sand volleyball team, and while this might seem like a funny thought, he's actually pretty dang good. I'm looking forward to a fun day but I'm hoping the heat isn't too bad.

I also wanted to say a quick hello to my new followers! I am so happy to have you on board and hope you'll communicate with me from time to time...comment, tweet me, in fact, I'd love if you'd email me and introduce yourself. I look forward to getting to know you. 

Now, my week through the lens of my iPhone...

 1 & 2: Ew, peas...Yay, peas!
3. Quiet time. Book mark from babEblessings.
4. My 5 am wakeup call.
5 & 6: Photoshoot.
7: 5 months old and sitting up like a big boy!
8: Reading with Daddy and waiting for story time to start at the library.
9: Taking in all of the chaos during story and music time.

And in case you missed any of my other posts this week... 
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Have a fantastic weekend, y'all!