iPhone Photo Dump {8}

How has your week been? I feel like this one has flown by. This week Cody and I took a day date to eat lunch and see the new Spiderman (which was really good, by the way!), spent some time with family, and hung out with a good couple friend of ours. Our friends have two little girls, one who is three and one who is a little over one year, so it was a lot of fun to watch G take them in. He was amazed to watch them run and play in the sprinklers and it made me excited to think that this time next summer, he'll be doing the same. 
Of course, I didn't take pictures of any of those things this week. I only seem to capture pictures of G, which is okay with me, but I don't guess that it's a real representation of my everyday. Maybe I should stop calling these post iPhone Photo Dump, and start calling them something Gunner Photo Dump. I hope you all don't mind seeing picture after picture of his cute face. 

1. Mommy cuddles.
2. Baby feet.
3. Gangsta G.
4. Gunner vs. Moose stare down. Gunner won when he grabbed his Moose's face.