iPhone Photo Dump {7}

Our week has been really great. Lots of time with family, which is my absolute favorite. 
I've also spent some time this week putting some thought into the possibility of opening a shop to sell my blog planners. Still not so sure about it, but I'd love to hear from you guys... 
Have any of you opened a shop before? 
Did you have to have a good amount of money upfront to "launch" the shop?
Any other tips or advice from you shop owners?

1. Cuddling with my little man on the floor.
2. View of the dock at my parents' lake house after sunset.
3. Trying to steal Daddy's Dr. Pepper. We start 'em early here in the South. ;)
4. It's a hard knock life for this dog.
5. What'd you say, Momma?
6. Jammin' to Lady Gaga on the way home from the lake house. Someone is a fan.
7. Can you see the precious tank top Gunner is wearing? Love.
8. We tried pureed avocados this week...
9. And we're not so sure how we feel about them, nothing like sweet bananas.