Gunner: Four Months

26.25 in. (91%)
16 lbs. 7 oz. (82%)
You're falling asleep on your own now, and even on "bad" nights, you only fuss for a few minutes. You sleep from 7:00-5:30 most nights. We've tried putting you to bed a little later in hopes that you'll sleep later in the morning, but no such luck. You get tired early and you always wake around 5:00. Oh well, maybe someday you'll sleep a little later. We're also still working on napping in your crib, we'll get there.
Real crying? It's minimal. But you've developed quite the fake cry/whine. You're a rockstar at that. It's pitiful and cute at the same time
 Solids! You took to eating solids like a pro. You're great with a spoon and constantly want to control it. Sometimes we let you try to feed yourself just for fun, and you really aren't too bad at it. You did have a minor allergic reaction to avocado so we've obviously stopped eating that. You love bananas though, and we're planning to try peas next. 
Your exersaucer
Having screaming contests with yourself
Standing on momma's legs
Playing airplane
Napping in your crib
Car rides/your car seat

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