Blast From The Past...My Days In Youth Work

Before Gunner was born, Cody and I used to do a lot of work with high school students. Really, we began to back off on serving with youth whenever I started my teaching job, my hours at work and then after school were just a lot. 
But just because we left that realm of service, doesn't mean that we don't miss it. We talk about the Bible studies we lead, the lock-ins we stayed up all night for, and the amazing camps where we got to lead. But mostly we talk a lot about those kids, they changed our lives more than we could have ever hoped to change theirs.
Today, I thought I'd share some pictures of the times we had, as well as some of the incredible things we got to be a part of. Sometimes it's a little fun to reminiscence...
For a few years, Cody and I worked at the same church with the youth group. He was  the assistant youth minister and I was the high school girls youth intern. I held this job while I was in college and Cody worked on his days off from the fire department. We no longer attend this church but we have so many amazing memories with so many people there. 
All of these pictures are from a camp in Colorado that we attended. It was absolutely gorgeous and we white water rafted while we were there. On the last night, one of my youth girls and I came down with a stomach virus and we spent the night quarantined from the others in a separate room. We actually had a lot of fun doing that. 
I promise I am in all of these pictures, although I just look like one of the kids in most of them. 

 Me & Code.
 Youth staff.
My view during my morning quiet time.

The other ministry we volunteered with is called Young Life. Young Life is all about spreading Christ to high school students who don't belong to a church. It's an alternate ministry where we spent a lot of time just loving on students in hopes of showing them Christ's love, as well as telling them about it. We started volunteering after we both left our jobs at the church and volunteered for three years. 
Most of these pictures are again from a camp in Colorado. At our camp in Colorado we repelled and did a high ropes course (ps: I'm terrified of heights), road horses, climbed the mountain that the camp was on, had a western hoedown, and did so many other crazy things. Young Life is all about doing the crazy, out there things. There are two non-camp pictures at the end of these from a normal night of hanging out and another from a weekend trip that we took to float the river.
Pie your leader at the western hoedown.
Hiking up the mountain.
 Our whole YL crew at the top of the mountain.
 Girl YL leaders at the river trip.
I suppose there's really no reason to share this post than to show you my heart and something that meant and means so much to me. There are a lot of days that I consider returning to youth work but I like to do things full-in, 100% and I'm not sure with a baby that I can do that. I don't believe in doing things half way, so right now, I think it's best to fully commit to the things that I know I can. 
Who knows, maybe when my kids are grown up, I'll return to helping with the youth ministry. At least I can always be that cool youth group mom ;)