You Are Such A Boy

Dear Gunner, 

You are such a boy. You are already doing so many typical boy things. 

You're loud. Every noise is a competition...with yourself...can you be louder than the time before? And when we watch our morning cartoons, there's all sorts of yelling going on. You must be louder than the tv. 
You can't sit still. So many of the little girl babies that I know are cuddlers, not you. You're all go, go, go. You want to stand, you want to roll on the floor, you want to sit, you want to squirm on the floor, you want to play in your exersaucer, you want to play airplane, and then be held and walked around. You never want to do the same thing for more than ten minutes. I have a feeling once you can move on your own, that I won't ever be sitting still.

You like to play rough. You like to be hung upside down, you like to "fly" around the room, and when Daddy puts his hands behind your back and bounces you up and down...the faster you bounce, the harder you laugh. 

Life is already so busy with you, but I love it. 
And I love all of these things about you. 
Don't you ever change.

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