Teething...OMG, y'all

A few months ago when Gunner was dealing with colic, I didn't think anything could be much worse. I was wrong. Teething is much, much worse. 

We can't see an actual tooth coming in yet, but it's all I can figure is bothering him. He is constantly gnawing on his hands, is refusing his paci, is fighting naptime and night time sleeping, and is running a low grade fever. Lots of people say he seems a little young to be cutting teeth, and he probably is considering he's only three and a half months, but I'm still convinced that's what it is.

The past few days have just been a beating y'all. On Sunday, Cody was on shift and G was in the worst mood I've ever seen. He usually has his fussy moments, but they're always balanced out by lots of "talking," smiles, and giggles. However, Sunday had a few smiles but mostly shrieks and tears. I felt like I was at my wits' end and was actually excited to put him to bed. I never feel that way and I hated it. 
I'm trying to keep positive as Cody is working at a kids camp at the fire department all week and all day it is just me. That's okay and it's what I want..thus, why I decided to become a stay at home momma, but I didn't realize my first days home with him would be so rough and trying. 
I've spent a lot of time walking around the house with G and sitting in front of a mirror making silly faces...the only two things that keep him semi happy right now. 
Please forgive the fact that I'm still in the tshirt I slept in and I have absolutely no makeup on in the above picture. Changing, let alone showering, was impossible on Sunday. 

When we were in the hospital after G was born, I remember a nurse saying, "Isn't it funny how something so small can make you feel like such a failure?" And she didn't mean it as a Debbie Downer moment, she was just speaking the truth and completely putting my thoughts into words. I thought about that little saying a lot whenever we were dealing with colic and have thought a lot about it the past few days. 
I'm not sure exactly what to do to make my baby feel better and I hate that. I guess we figured out what worked with colic and we'll figure it out with teething. But, I'm open to suggestions. 
We've tried teething gel but it doesn't seem to work. He's not a big fan of teething toys either. I haven't resorted to giving him Tylenol yet, but I'm not opposed. I've heard teething tablets are pretty awesome and I'm planning on buying a package tonight when Cody gets home from work. 
Any other suggestions? 
Things he can gnaw on besides his hands? 
Anything you've done that seems to relieve the pain?