iPhone Photo Dump {6}

There's lots of baby in this week's photo dump, but that baby is pretty much my life. We don't do a whole lot other than enjoy moments with this squishy boy, and I am perfectly fine with that. 

We did make a visit up to the fire station to see Daddy on Wednesday, but alas, I didn't take a single picture. G was a perfect visitor and talked and played with all of the guys. He is really at such a fun stage right now.

Also, I (like many of you) lamented the loss of Picnik a few months ago. Well, I just recently found a replacement that has many of the same filters and editing tools, plus more! I heard about the website, PicMonkey, from Courtney and used it to create this little collage. Check it out, it's really great.

Okay, onto the pictures...

 1 & 2. Playing airplane with Mommy.
3. Talking to Sesame Street.
4. What I woke up to one morning..a fort labeled "No Girls Allowed." 
5. Dyed my hair. Will be redyeing soon lol
6. 3 day unwashed hair. Rockin the headband.
7. nom.nom.nom.
8. Surprised. 
9. Enjoying bananas.

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