Gunner: Three Months

This post is way, way late seeing as Gunner turns four months this Saturday. G turned three months whenever I was back at work and for some reason this post just slipped my memory. So, here he is in all of his three month glory...and in a few weeks you'll see him in all of his four month glory.
You were doing great with sleeping through the night for a few weeks but when this teething thing rolled around, it really messed you up. Your sleeping is really inconsistent...some nights up three times, others you sleep all the way through. You're also still pretty horrible at napping...unless I'm holding you, then you can nap for hours.
When you're hungry, tired, or your teeth hurt..which I guess is pretty often, but for totally understandable reasons.
You're still eat more than the "typical" amount for a baby your age. Not surprising, you've always been that way. We're up to 7 oz. bottles now.
You've rolled over a few times, usually in the middle of the night when you wake up. You don't seem too interested in rolling though, but you're very interested in trying to sit up. You try so hard to sit up on your own, and you can when you're in your bouncy seat. Teething is also obviously new.
Silly songs Mom makes up
The puppy dogs
When Daddy's home from work
Teething, fool. 
Diaper changes...where has this come from?

Seriously, y'all...when did my baby get so big?

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