Draw Near

Cody has always been a sermon guy. By that I mean that he gets the most, feels closest to God when he listens to a sermon. His favorite part of Sunday morning worship services is the sermon and his iPod is full of sermon series from lots of different pastors. He even listens to sermons for "entertainment" while running (that's just strange to me).

Me? Sure, I appreciate a great sermon. I've heard a lot of great ones, and even a few that have really helped shape and change me, but do I feel closest to Him during sermons? Nope.

My thing, the thing that makes me feel closest to God? Listening to and singing worship music. I love it. I love how the music speaks when I have no idea what to say. Days when I struggle (which, let's be honest, is most days), the best thing for me is to blast worship music and just sing. I've been a part of my church's worship band since the age of 13 and the feeling is indescribable. The music truly speaks my soul. I feel that way about a lot of music, but especially about worship music.

I think the two things that cause Cody and me to feel closest to God are pretty common but I have other "connectors" too...nature, watching my baby boy, etc.

Thinking about this made me wonder...
What makes you feel closest to God?

I'd love for you to share.