(Blog) Planners, Planners, Get Your Planners!

Today, I have an announcement! It's something I'm excited about and I truly hope to receive your support in this new (and somewhat scary) venture...

A few weeks ago when I posted my blog planner giveaway, I hoped a few people would enter. To my surprise, lots of people entered and I received wonderful compliments from many. That little blog planner helped this little blog grow and I am incredibly blessed by all of your support.

I've received many comments, tweets, and emails asking if I would sell a copy of my planner and after making a few individual sales, I decided to branch out and announce this opportunity on my blog.

I'm not starting an Etsy shop or anything like that, although that could be a possibility for the future. For now I'm just doing sales via email and PayPal invoicing. Here are your options...

1) PDF Version:
  • Printable but not editable 
  • Does not include a custom cover
  • Sent the day that payment is received 
  • Cost is $10.00 

2) Printed & Bound Version:
  • Printed, bound, and shipped to you 
  • Includes a custom cover with your blog's header
  • Can take up to two weeks to receive
  • Cost is $27.00 

The printed and bound version is obviously priced higher so that I can make back the costs of printing, binding, and shipping. 

If you missed the original post, you can click this link to see the planner. And just as a reminder, here is a small preview of the pages...

Please email me at texaslovebirds {at} gmail {dot} com if you are interested. Let me know which planner you are interested and we'll get your order started! I hope to hear from many of you soon! 

Oh, and because no post is complete without a cute picture...
Here's a precious one of my sleepy little boy in his Aunt Lindsay's arms.