Sponsor Us in June!

Texas Lovebirds is continuing to grow and we'd love for you to join us during this time!

At this point in blogging, I do not have paying sponsors. Sponsorships are done through a button swap where you put my button (see left sidebar) on your blog, and I put your button on mine. Sponsorships can be extremely beneficial to your blog, but they can also be a little pricey. Button swapping is a great, FREE way to grow your blog. 

Buttons for both personal blogs and shops are welcome. 

As a sponsor of Texas Lovebirds you will be featured in 1-2 monthly features, as well as several social media shout outs via Twitter and Facebook. As a sponsor you also have the opportunity to submit a product for a giveaway or review written by me. Please, see my "sponsor" page up top for more details on products that I will giveaway or review. 

All blog/shop buttons will be displayed in the order in which I receive your emails. The sooner you email me, the higher your button will appear on my page. The higher your button, the more attention it will receive. 

Current sponsors/swappers: please go ahead and email me if you would like to stay on for the month of June!

If you are interested in this FREE sponsorship opportunity for the month of June, please email me at texaslovebirds {at} gmail {dot} com. When I hear from you, we will talk button sizes, blog intros, and all of that other fun stuff. I have a lot of really great ideas up my sleeve for the coming months and I hope you'll come along!

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