Packed Up

Our house is currently packed up in boxes...cause we're moving, y'all! I've kept this news very mum because we wanted to make sure everything went through with the new house before we said anything. We signed the papers last night, so it's official!

We're staying in the same city, but our new place has more space as our family continues to grow in the coming years. Our current home is three bedrooms and our new one is four. We plan to use one of the extra bedrooms as a toy/play area for G and I'm really excited about that. I love the idea of having a few toys and books in his room but having the majority of them in his play room.

We'll still be keeping our old home with the plan to rent it out. It's a little scary venturing into the "real estate world" but it's something that Cody and I have been praying about for awhile and we feel as if it will be a good move for our family.

I will most definitely post pictures as we get moved in and start adding to our new house. As we move I might be a little in and out in the blogging world, but I'll definitely be updating my Twitter and Instagram (username: texaslovebirds) so make sure you're following me there too!