iPhone Photo Dump {3}

Our week has been a little crazy with my Dad in the hospital. Unfortunately, he's still there as they're found another spot of infection. They're still unsure of what is causing the second spot of infection but it's small enough that the Dr. thinks it can be killed with antibiotics. The plan is to teach my Mom how to administer the meds into his PICC line so that he can come home and continue to rest there. If you could continue keeping him in your prayers, we'd really appreciate it!

So here it is, another week through the lens of my iPhone...

Cuddles on Mother's Day with Gram. Those lips just kill me.

Mommy feet and baby feet during his feeding before bed. This kid has started going to sleep super early! Sleepy at 6:30, in bed by 7:30, and usually sleeping till 4 before his next feeding. No complaints here!

My outfit before work one morning this week. Early mornings usually mean glasses for me. This is the same mirror I used to take all of those baby bump pictures in...so crazy!

This little boy turned 3 months old this week. Whaaat?! How is that even possible?! His three month update post will be on the blog next week.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! I've got a fun giveaway coming up next week. I hope you'll show up and enter!

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