A Coffee Date

I enjoyed the last time you came over for coffee. I probably haven't cleared off the dining room table since then, but I just ran the dishwasher so I know there is a clean mug ready for you.

Isn't it nice sometimes to just be so honest with someone? 

You know, tell them how you really feel, what you're really thinking. That's what I want to do today.

If you were to come over for coffee I would ask you how you're really doing. Not how we ask people when we're passing them on the street or in the hallway at work. 

 I'd want to know how you really are. I hope you'd be honest with me. We all need to spill it all out sometimes.

Have you been really happy lately or are you struggling with something? Are you pleased with yourself or are you like me, and do you feel like such a failure in many areas? 

I'd tell you that since I've been back to work, I feel like I'm not the best mom I can be. I come home at 5:00 every evening and just collapse. I'd tell you that I feel like Cody and Gunner haven't been getting the best of me, and I hate that.

I'd tell you that one of my newest goals is to become more of a praying person. I want to pray more than before each meal and before I lay my head down at night. I want to pray for people when I tell them that I will. 

I'd tell you that I'm currently trying to figure out how to create a prayer ministry in my church and that I'd love to find a way to incorporate that into my blog as well. Maybe you'd like to help?

I'd ask you what your plans are for this summer. Are you going anywhere fun? I love hearing about people's trips.

I'd probably show you video of Gunner laughing and "talking" to the camera. If you're lucky, he might be awake and you can see his smile for yourself. It lights up my darkest days. 

What lights up your dark days? Your kiddos, your faith, your family, a favorite TV show?

Thanks for coming by again. You know the drill, leave your mug by the kitchen sink. Guests don't do dishes. Now, I'd hug your neck and send you on your way. As you're walking out I'd ask you to send me a text so we can set up our next coffee date, I'm really starting to love them.