Wordless{ish} Wednesday: Tornadoes

Maybe you've already heard about some of the crazy weather we had here in Texas yesterday afternoon, but if you haven't, we had several tornadoes land in the DFW area. 

Just wanted to report that we are all okay! The tornado that hit closest to our home was in the Arlington area. Unfortunately, Cody's parents had some damage happen to their home and to their neighborhood. Thankfully, they were at work at the time and were not in their home, so they are completely fine. Material things have been damaged, but those things are fixable. 

We waited out the storms and multiple tornado warnings for awhile, but they had pretty much cleared the area around dinner time. I was so thankful that Cody wasn't on shift at the fire station because I couldn't imagine toughing it out through the multiple tornado warnings all alone with Gunner. Cody definitely helped keep me calm. Boy, can this momma worry!

We laughed a little bit about how oblivious G was to the dangerous weather going on around us. In the midst, of frantic phone calls, text messages, and tornado warnings, he was most concerned about his afternoon feeding and was quite happy once he had that. 

I've attached a pretty crazy news clip of one of the tornadoes lifting 18-wheelers hundreds of feet off of the ground. These trucks were parked in a parking lot and were luckily empty. 

We'd appreciate your continued thoughts and prayers for Cody's parents as they figure out the whole ordeal. Also, pray for those in the surrounding areas (Lancaster, Kenedalle, and Forney) that saw more severe activity and damage. 

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