May Sponsors

This is my call for those of you who are interested in sponsoring this little blog in May! 

At this point I do not have paid sponsors. Sponsorships at Texas Lovebirds are done through a button swap where you put my button on your blog and in turn, I put your button on mine. Your button may be for your personal blog or for your shop. Sponsorships can be beneficial to your blog, but pricey. Button swapping is a great, FREE way to grow your blog readership.

As a sponsor of Texas Lovebirds you will be featured in 1-2 monthly sponsor posts and have the ability to feature your shop through a product giveaway to my readers or a product review written by me. These three options are great opportunities to draw attention to your blog or shop.

All blog/shop buttons will be displayed in the order in which I receive your emails. So, the sooner you email me, the higher your button will appear on my sidebar. The higher your button appears, the more attention it will receive. 

If you are interested in this FREE sponsorship for the month of May, please email me at

Current sponsors, if you wish to continue as a sponsor, please shoot me an email too! I've truly enjoyed working with you and I hope you wish to continue our partnership.

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