Gunner: Two Months

Gunner turned two months old a week ago (on the 16th), so this post is a little late. My first week back to work took some adjusting and some time away from blogging, but here it is! 

24.75 inches (96%)
13 lbs. 10 oz. (90%)
You've made a lot of strides the past week or two. You've started to nap in your crib a little bit and last night you slept for 6 hours straight. We learned this week that you're a tummy sleeper and are much happier that way. I guess our days of swaddling are over.
This has toned down a lot in the past week or so. What a relief, colic is a beating.
You really like to eat, kid. And when you wake up past a feeding time, you expect a warm bottle right.that.second.
White noise
Holding onto the collar of my shirt when I'm rocking you
Ceiling fans
Morning time
Being outside
Anytime we're in the car and not moving
When your puppy brother and sister bark or howl
I love how happy you are in the morning or after a feeding. You are full of smiles. 
Daddy loves when you're sitting in his lap and you turn around to look at him like you want to make sure he's still there. 

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