Today, I'm grateful for my healthy baby boy. I've yet to post about it, but Gunner had to have several things checked out by specialists recently. 

At birth the doctors found a sacral dimple (a possible sign of a spinal problem) at the base of his spine and at his one month appointment his pediatrician heard a heart murmur. Obviously, both your spine and heart are important. A sacral dimple can be a sign of a tethered spine; an issue that can cause bowel and gait problems. A tethered spine would require spinal surgery...scary, right? I was also really worried about the murmur as a small abnormality was seen in his heart in one of my sonograms (read more about that here).

A few weeks ago was his cardiologist appointment. Gunner does have a murmur but the cardiologist assured us that it was an extremely common type and nothing to worry about. He also has a small hole in part of his heart, but once again we were assured this was a very minor problem. We'll go back to the cardiologist in a few months to make sure that the problems haven't worsened. 

Last week, we had an appointment with radiology at the local children's hospital, where Gunner had a sonogram done on his spine. He laid on his side and stomach like a champ for at least 30 minutes, hardly making a noise. We were told the results could take a few days, but were pleasantly surprised to hear back from our pediatrician the next morning. His spine looks perfect and we were told that there is no reason to explore the issue any further. 

So today, I'm breathing a big sigh of relief and thanking the Lord that my baby boy is happy and healthy. I'm thanking Him that we won't have to make any trips to a surgeon about G's spine or that his murmur is nothing more serious than that. 

There are some days where motherhood can just kick my butt, seriously. But today, I am soaking in each smile, each grunt, each squirm, each kick, each coo, and yes, each cry, because we are so, so blessed. 

 Still shots from a video I took this weekend. I die.

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