Easter 2012

Man, oh man. Did Easter kick anyone else's butt? It kicked mine in the best way possible. Our day was full with family and friend time, and we had a great time celebrating our first holiday as parents, but I am absolutely exhausted.

We took Gunner to church for the first time yesterday and it was a success. I'd been nervous about how he might sit through a long worship service and sermon but he was fantastic. 

 Our Easter Sunday outfits

After church we made a quick run to the grocery store, came home and changed, and then headed to an Easter celebration with my side of the family. Gunner was showered with Easter gifts and as the first great-grandchild in the family, I have a feeling that is something that will continue. While everyone loved on Gunner, Cody and I sat back, had a glass of white wine and enjoyed a meal without a baby in our arms. It was perfect. 

We ended our day with a visit with some good friends and their two little girls. We ate pizza, watched the Rangers game on TV, and marveled at the fact that we're parents. I'm telling ya, holidays as a parent sure can make you feel like a grown up. 

What did you do for your Easter holiday?