A Coffee Date

I haven't had a cup of coffee in awhile. I cut out my coffee habit while I was pregnant with G, but I've really missed my mug in the morning. 

Maybe you'd like to join me at our incredibly messy dining room table? I'll push the highchair out of the way. 

If you were to come over for coffee, I'd probably be in a pair of sweatpants with my hair done up in a topknot. Hopefully I'll have had the time to sweep some mascara across my eyelashes. 

I would ask you how your week has been. I'd love to hear about your plans for this weekend. 

If you were to come over for coffee, I would tell you that there's a lot on my mind today. 

I would tell you that I'm grateful for my loving family. I'm grateful for the fact that my baby boy wants to be held by me constantly because I know soon enough he'll be squirming out of my arms.

I would tell you that while my gratefulness is strong and true, I also find myself feeling a few other strong emotions...restlessness, confusion, anger. I would tell that this past week a friend of mine experienced an incredible loss, one I just can't understand. And while I believe in the providential plan of our God, sometimes it's really hard to swallow. 

I would ask if you'd been enjoying the spring weather. It has been gorgeous here. I hope you've had the same experience wherever you are.

If you were to come over for coffee, I would tell you that I have a lot of big ideas and dreams for this blog. I so hope that you'll continue with me on this journey. 

I would ask you what you dream for your life. I would ask you what's holding you back from reaching those goals. I would tell that I think that often we are the only thing that holds us back...would you agree with me? 

 Thanks for stopping by today.

 You can leave your mug on the table. I'll get to the dishes at some point. Today I think coffee dates and snuggles with my baby are much more important than a clean kitchen.