The Burden of Acne

For years I've struggled to be okay with my skin. I've always had acne; most of the time the type of acne that stays under the skin, giving my face a bumpy appearance (my large pores don't help either). Sometimes those small bumps turn to large, painful knots that never reach the surface. I also have an uneven skin tone on my face, it tends to be very red and blotchy.

People comment that they've never noticed it, but I've just become quite skilled in hiding it with makeup. However, I know the amount of makeup I use to properly "cover" it, probably only hurts my skin even more.

Acne can change your life. That sounds silly, and maybe I allow it to change my life, but it does. I'm self conscious about going out with no makeup on, I wish I wasn't. I think about the lighting of where I'll be and if it'll be obvious that I have a good layer of makeup on. I worry about leaving a makeup smudge on someone's shoulder when I give them a hug. And if I'm having a bad skin day (or week), you can pretty much count that day as "ruined"'s hard to be positive when my face is broken out.

I've tried lots of skin regimens...Proactiv, prescribed pills from a dermatologist, over the counter products...and I've never found anything that really helps. It gets expensive trying tons of different products, so I mostly just stick with the over the counter stuff.

Now, I'm not writing this post to just moan and groan about the card I've been dealt, but I'd like a little advice for those who have any experience in the matter.

I'm currently looking for a new face wash system as my skin seems to have gotten worse post pregnancy. I'm only interested in spending the money if someone has had success with it, especially if it's someone with similar skin issues. I'd love something that could help reduce the redness, shrink my pores, and of course get rid of some of the bumps. 

I've looked into skiniD, a program that asks you to take a short online quiz and then gives an evaluation that includes products of theirs to try. skiniD is owned by Neutrogena, a company whose over the counter products I often use.

I've also looked into the BeautyMint program which is run in a similar manner to the skiniD program. BeautyMint promises a 30 days money back guarantee if you aren't satisfied.

Do do any of you have experience with either of these skin care systems or do you have an even better system I need to try? I'd love to hear what you think!