Back to Work...But Not for Long!

I'm sad to say that this coming Monday I will be returning to work. While I miss my students and all of the wonderful people I work with, I'm really not looking forward to leaving my baby boy. Luckily, with Cody's shift schedule, he'll be watching G a majority of the time and our parents will be covering the other few days.

But thankfully, I'll only be returning for the last six weeks, because when the school year ends in May, I will officially become a stay at home momma!

I can't wait for play dates with friends, trips to the library for story time, walks in the park, trips to the zoo and the children's museum. The best part is that with Cody's shift schedule, he'll be able to enjoy a lot of those things with us. 

I am so very excited for this new season of life. I hope you'll continue along in this journey with us!