Gunner's Birth Story

Our son, Gunner, has been with us for over a month now. It's hard to believe that it has been that long, yet I can't remember what life was like without him. The day of Gunner's birth seems like one big blur, as I'm sure it seems for any Mom, but I will try to piece it all together for this little post. 

Gunner was born via a scheduled c-section on February 16th at 12:53 pm. The c-section was necessary as he was turned in the transverse-lie-back-down position (basically sideways in my stomach) with his head under my right ribs and his feet under my left. 

The day before the c-section we went to the hospital for blood work and information about the procedure. I had some anxiety about the procedure but getting all of my questions answered the day before helped relieve most of it. After the testing and blood work, Cody and I went out to eat and marveled at the fact that the very next day we would have our son in our arms.

The c-section was scheduled for 12:30 in the afternoon and we were asked to arrive at the hospital at 10:30 am. When we arrived at the hospital we were taken directly back to the recovery area where I would be prepped for the c-section and where I would return to recover for two hours after the c-section. Before going into the operating room for the c-section my parents were able to come in and visit with us for a little while. The opportunity to visit with them gave me such a peace before everything.

After all of the prep was done, the nurse, Cody, and I walked down to the operating room. Cody had to wait outside for the first 15 minutes while they administered my spinal and prepped the room. We were told the day before that Cody would not be with me when they administered the spinal so I expected that..I was, of course, still nervous. I had  two fantastic nurses that were with me the entire time and they helped calm me when Cody wasn't able to. 

Once Cody was back in the room the actual procedure began and after what seemed like a few short minutes, our son was with us. It was amazing hearing his cry for the first time and seeing his head full of blonde hair. When the nurse yelled out his measurement (8 lbs. 4 oz. and 20 inches long), I laughed because he was a big boy just like we thought. It was completely surreal. In mere seconds I became a mom. In mere seconds my world changed forever. In mere seconds I fell in love in a way that I never knew possible.

I watched in awe as the nurses moved about the room measuring him, weighing him, and checking him. I have to admit that I felt a pang of jealousy that Cody was able to be at his side. He was able to touch him and see him up close, and I was stuck on a table as they stitched me up. 

I was really very open to the idea of a c-section. While it wasn't my ideal birthing situation, I just wanted him here. However, I did worry about the connection Gunner and I would have. I worried we wouldn't instantly connect. I worried that he'd struggle with breastfeeding because we didn't have that initial skin-to-skin contact. I just wanted my baby to know me, and I was so concerned that a c-section would prevent that. 

Finally, they bundled Gunner up and let Cody walk him over to me. They laid him on my chest and unhooked my arms from a few of the machines so that I could hold him. I said his name and his eyes locked with mine. I reached my finger out and his tiny hand wrapped around it. That moment was a relief. He knew me, he knew my voice, and he was learning my touch. 

I spent a few more minutes holding him before he was taken to the nursery for a bath and other tests. Cody went to visit with our family and was able to watch him through the nursery windows with them. I spent a little time alone while they stitched me back up and I was then rolled to my recovery room. 

We spent two hours in recovery; just me, Cody, and G. Family was allowed back during that time but we never had anyone back. The main reason no one ever came back was because they were having a somewhat difficult time managing my pain levels. My spinal and the morphine given through that wore off insanely quickly. The anesthesiologist told me that this issue happened in about 2% of people and had some deep, scientific reasoning behind it...I just knew I hurt. The issue was quickly fixed and I was granted a morphine pump to control my pain for the first 24 hours. However, in the end, I was glad we had those first few hours alone. Cody and I were able to marvel at our son, just us two. It was really special. 

After I finished my time in recovery we moved to our post postpartum room, had our first successful feeding, and then our family came in. The next three days were filled with sleepless night, lots of visits, good hospital food (yes, it does exist), and so much love. 

I'll end this post with pictures that my mom took during our days there. 

We love you, G. More than you could ever know.