Guest Post: DIY Book Shelves

Hey! It's me, The Banks Mama, again! I made some super cool, and super easy bookshelves this week, and I thought it would be cool to share :)

Supplies needed: 
1- 1 x 6
1- 1 x 4
1- 1 x 2
Wood Glue (Gorilla Glue was my glue of choice)
Wood Screws
Spray Paint

So, to start off, I went to Home Depot, and got this super sweet guy to cut some wood for me. I had him cut each board into 6, 1 foot pieces. This makes six bookshelves.

I brought them home, and glued them together, like so... I would change one thing, I would glue the 1 x 2 at the end, instead of on top of the 1 x 4 for more book room

I let the glue dry for 24 hours, then took them to the garage for a coat of paint. I chose red, because my boys' walls are gray. I like the pop of color.

 I let the shelves dry for about 12 hours. I am way too impatient when completing projects.
As soon as my handsome hubby got home, I got him to hang them for me :) He is the hanging master.We hung 4 shelves total in their book nook.

 And here they are with books in them!

This only fit maybe half of my kids' books. We love books in this family! I love having them on display, especially the books from my childhood! Check out the vintage sticker!

I am so happy with this cheap project! Total cost for this project was $34.00, and that's because the guy at home depot convinced me to get the more expensive wood, which I totally think made no difference at all!

I am going to be doing lots more DIY projects this year, so pop by my blog and subscribe so you don't miss all the fun projects!

-The Banks Mama