Colic Can Kiss My...

I posted this on Instagram yesterday, and I totally meant it. 

Sometimes you just have to say it like it is. 

We're currently fighting a battle with gas pains and colic in our household. I feel like someone came in and flipped a switch on my happy, easy going, little boy. I feel completely helpless in it all.  

The gas issues and colic started around Tuesday or Wednesday and seemed to reach a peak on Friday night. Luckily we have wonderful family near by who has come in, taken shifts, and given us breaks here and there.

Early this morning, after his feeding, he was content but had no intention of sleeping. After about two hours of rocking in the rocking chair, I gave in and put him in bed with us. I figured sleep was more important than trying to stay with our bed time routine.

We laid face to face. I kissed his cheeks, sang him little songs, and every once in awhile he'd reach his tiny hand up and touch my face. After about an hour his eyes became heavy and he finally gave into sleep. I spent the next thirty minutes or so just marveling at him.

It was simple, it was beautiful, and it was probably one of the greatest night of my life.

This Mom thing is so much harder but so much greater than I ever thought it would be.