Wordless{ish} Wednesday: Transverse

At my appointment on Monday I found out that our little boy is currently sitting in the transverse position. I had suspected this as I could feel a large "lump" under my right rib that felt a lot like a noggin. My suspicion was confirmed when the doctor felt me for dilation and told me that she felt no pressure of a head, only my amniotic sac. (TMI?) 

I'm a little bummed that Gunner hasn't turned yet and my doctor assured me that he could still turn, but I went into pregnancy fully prepared for any type of pregnancy and birthing experience.

Next week will be my 38 week appointment. We'll have our final sonogram, receive an estimated birth weight, and see if little man has decided to turn. If he hasn't turned as of next week we will begin talking about the alternatives, which include an external version or a C-section.

I appreciate all well wishes, thoughts, and prayers for me and Gunner. As I said, I went into pregnancy with an open mind toward all different pregnancy experiences, so I will be okay with whatever occurs. In the end, our ultimate goal is a happy, healthy baby.

If you have any experience with transverse (or breech) babies, I'd love to hear from you in the comments!