Let's Chat: Tori Spelling

Welcome to the first edition of "Let's Chat!" "Let's Chat" will be a semi-regular post where I discuss something that is on my mind and ask to hear your opinion on it too. Sometimes the topic might be from pop culture or media, other times the topic might be something serious or something that has been weighing on my mind. 
I thought I'd start out light this week and talk about one of my favorite reality TV families and one of my favorite reality TV mommas...

Yes, Tori Spelling (along with her husband Dean and their three babies..Liam, Stella, and Hattie). I'll be honest, I never thought I'd love her the way that I do. I never thought I'd find the daughter of kajillionaire Aaron Spelling to be funny, down to earth, and relatable, but I totally do.

I suppose you can only tell so much from a reality TV show that most likely isn't 100% reality, but I do feel like a lot of what is seen on the show is genuine. I feel like the love and care you see from Tori for her husband and her kiddos is genuine, and I think that is completely refreshing to see in today's celebrity world.

I've also read several of Tori's books and find her writing style to be funny and easy-to-read. Her book Mommywood was one of my favorites.

Speaking of her books, one of the things I most respect about Tori is the fact that she has made a name for herself and has created her own empire. Of course, during the days of 90210 Tori benefited by being given the role of Donna Martin, but in the days since then she has worked hard to create a name for herself all on her own. 

What's your opinion on Tori? Love her? Hate her? 
I'd love for you to leave your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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