Guest Post: Nicole from The Neesby Lookbook

Hey Lovelies!
I'm Nicole jumping over here from The Neesby Lookbook.
Aren't we all so excited for the brand new baby that is
joining Carly's family?!

While she is busy in cuddle-town
I wanted to share a fun, adorable tutorial with you.
Wouldn't you love to fill your closet with some 
fabric covered, shabby chic hangers?!

So grab a handful of plain, 'ole hangers
and let's get goooo--ing. . .

- - -

You will need:

: ugly hangers
: scraps of cute fabric cut into 1/2"-1" wide strips
I used some button-up shirts I bought for a couple dollars
at a second hand store. Perfect recycling and cheapness!
{i also used pinking shears for a fun edging}
: hot glue gun

Begin with small dab of hot glue on the edge of the hanger.
Secure the fabric strip on the glue and start wrapping around the hanger.

{You will want to work in small sections while the glue is hot}

Continue wrapping until all the ugly parts of the hanger 
are transformed into one lovely piece of shabby-chicness.
Make heaps of these hangers and then 
turn your closet into a brand new happy place.

Be sure to stop over to our corner of the blogging world
and say hey. . . cuz there's always plenty of love in the family!