Guest Post: Courtney from Baxtron{Life}

Courtney was one of my first blogging friends and I've guest posted several times on her blog too! Courtney writes about so many great topics so I really hope you check out her blog. Today, she's writing about her experiences as a momma. 

Salutations, Texas Lovebirds readers! I'm Courtney and I have this quaint little blog over heeeyarr: Baxtron{Life}. I write about my life; whatever that looks like from day to day: pictures of the daughter and some of the hubs too, Pinterest finds, losing my muffin-top, an occasional recipe and some of the real life stuff…you know, like, struggles and whatnot.  I'm a free spirit stuck inside a Type A personality…which means that I have passion and stick-to-itiveness. I'd love to meet you and learn more about your interests…so please feel free to stop by and introduce yourself.

I have realized over the very short amount of time that I have been a mother, that comparing labor stories can be a recipe for disaster. I am not going to tell you all about my crazy insane birth story, because, I am pretty sure to every first time mother…the event is typically just that…difficult and surreal.

I will say, though, that my first most memorable and breathtaking moment as a mother was hearing the cries of my daughter after she was delivered. After the whole labor experience, I was completely and totally moved, in the deepest part of my soul, by hearing the beautiful sounds of her voice for the first time.  It was at that moment that I was completely dumbfounded by the intensity of love I am capable of having for another human being, and mesmerized by the expanded real estate of my heart.

When my daughter was taken to the special care nursery after my delivery and I wasn't able to actually hold her or see her for almost 12 hours, I was caught off guard by the intolerable longing to have her in my arms, and the frustration at having to wait. I cried again when I held her for the first time. She was truly the most beautiful little person I had ever laid eyes on.  I remember thinking, how did this little person, perfect in every way, come from me?  And, what did I ever do to deserve such a precious gift?

One of the best experiences I have had as a mother so far, was breastfeeding. I had committed to doing the full first year, but when the time came, I wasn't really ready to ween her. There are no words to describe the bonding experience that I had with my daughter as she nursed. I loved the way she would fall asleep and be totally "boob drunk" after a feed…it doesn't really get more adorable than that.

I continue to be amazed at the love I have for my little girl, and I cherish the memories I have with her in my heart. She is now approaching her 2nd birthday, so much quicker than I would like. I am so blessed to get to experience the pure joy she embodies, every single day. 

Thank you Carly for asking me to write about this, it is so good to reflect on the many special moments I have had with her so far.