Guest Post: Amy from Sixth of April

Welcome Amy from Sixth of April! I "met" Amy through Instagram (my username: carlyskinner) and was so glad when she started blogging too. I know you'll enjoy hearing from Amy as much as I do!

Hey everyone! My name is Amy and I blog over at Sixth of April. It's a whole crazy mixture of everything health & fitness, recipes, fashion, and mama adventures so stop on over and say hello! I was so thrilled when Carly asked me to write about a favorite mommy moment on her blog. I adore Carly and think she is one of the cutest pregnant girls on the web! I'm so thrilled for her and cannot wait to see Gunner's beautiful face in a few short weeks.

It feels like just yesterday when I was strapped down onto an operating room table, bright fluorescent lights glaring in my eyes, and a large sheet hung over my lower body. Not quite like the natural water birth I had planned. But when the small team of doctors pulled out my stubborn little breech baby, I could care less if I was in a hot tub or strapped down on an OR table. Ryan was here and he was healthy; nothing else mattered.

I always envisioned what it would be like to meet my child for the first time but I never quite imagined it to be so wildly intense as it was. In all my 10 months of motherhood, the moment when I held Ryan for the first time stands out above the rest. I remember feeling so in love, so vulnerable, so happy, so scared, and so much awe that MY body made that. You name the emotion and I felt it. Oh and the kisses. I just couldn't stop kissing him. I was this little boy's mommy. We were a team and we were about to embark on life's crazy adventure together.

When you're a mother, the days feel like they last forever but the time flies by. Now, 10 months later, Ryan is changing by the second, growing up right before my eyes, and becoming a little man. Every stage is more fun than the last and each moment expands my heart a little fuller. Life has never been so wonderful.