Dear Peanut - v.17

Dear Peanut, 

We had our last sonogram at this week's doctor appointment, and we found out that you've turned and are no longer in the transverse position. You've listened to your Momma and Daddy and all those around you, so thank you for that. However, we know you're still stubborn because you refused to show that precious little face. There was lots of poking and prodding but your arms and hands remained tightly clamped around your face.

We also learned that you, our "little guy," are not so little. At 38 weeks your estimated weight is 8 lbs. 3 oz. With a week and a half before your induction date (assuming you don't come before), you could still gain up to a pound. Just take it easy on your Momma, okay?

Love you so much, my sweet boy. Can't wait to meet those chubby cheeks!