Preggo Update

I realized that I hadn't posted any pregnancy progress information on the blog lately, so here's what is currently going on in the baby bump world. 

I am now 37 weeks...full term and baby boy can come at any point. My body is definitely preparing itself for labor as Gunner has dropped and braxton hicks contractions are becoming more intense and slightly more regular. Not regular enough to time or worry about, but regular enough for me to notice them. 

A few weeks ago my doctor offered to induce as close as possible to my due date. I have a maternity leave schedule to work around so this was good news for me. At the first offer I assumed that meant that I would be induced once I passed my due date (February 19th), but at my last appointment she told me that the hospital could induce me as early as the 15th. I will be 39 and a half weeks at that point and my doctor feels completely comfortable with the induction, as do I. 

I've already heard lots of opinions on'll be in labor longer, inductions require "too much" medical intervention, your body knows how to do it better, labor that begins naturally is so much more "pleasant." And while I value the opinion of those experienced in birth and motherhood, I also know what I'm comfortable with and what will work best for me. I'm not saying that I completely disagree with everything that has been said to me, I'm just saying that at this point in pregnancy I prefer the positive thoughts and want to stick with what I think will work best for me.

In other news, I spent this weekend getting my hospital bags packed and packing the few little things we'll need for Gunner as well. I'm feeling much more prepared now that there are bags ready in case we need to dash out the door. 

Tomorrow I go in for my weekly checkup with my doctor. She'll check me for progression for the first time and I'm hoping that there will be some. I know that progression will make my induction easier. I'll be sure to update later this week with what my doctor says. 

Anyone have experience with inductions and care to share a positive experience/advice?