Maternity Pictures Pt. 2

If you missed part one of our maternity pictures post, click here.

Yesterday I mentioned that two different photography businesses offered to take our maternity pictures. We had experience with the first business, but the second business was "new" to us. 

Even though it was new, it was definitely comfortable, because the second photographer was my cousin-in-law and one of my very good friends. Caty is trying to start up her business so when she asked if she could take some practice shots with me (Code wasn't able to be with us this day), I was more than happy to help out. 

Let me just tell you, my girl has natural talent! We had lots of fun and I am so impressed with what she captured...and I'm not just saying that cause she's family. Seriously, check out the pictures below and you'll completely agree. 

Sorry you had to stare at my mug so much in this post, but doesn't that cupcake in the last image look delicious? Let me tell you, it.was.amazing.

Caty's business has really begun to take off in the last few weeks and I am so excited for her! If you're in the DFW area and would like to schedule a shoot with her, contact her soon while she still has openings. Caty's website is currently being worked on by her husband (they're a talented duo), so for now, head to her Facebook fan page to contact her.