Embracing The Change

The other night Cody and I were looking through my belly pictures of this pregnancy and can I just say how crazy it is to watch your body change through pictures? I was so amazed. I was even more amazed to look at my body when I was eight weeks pregnant.

I had to kind of laugh when I looked at this picture because I remember feeling "fat" at this point. Not the pregnant kind of fat..fat as in this was most I had ever weighed at that point in life. I remember being miserable that I weighed that much. It's strange to look back at that skinny waist and think that I thought I was so big. 

Pregnancy isn't easy on one's body. I'm not just talking the aches and cramps. I'm talking the body changes. Things continue to grow and stretch in a way I never imagined possible. 

It's not always easy to accept that certain parts of my body won't be super "tight" again. It's not always easy to accept that no matter how much lotion I lathered on, I still have stretch marks. It's not always easy to accept that those little marks will always be a part of me. Maybe that sounds really superficial, but I'm certain I'm not the only mom that has mourned these body changes. 

Lately, though, I've really been trying to change my mindset toward my body changes. I have to be intentional about it, but I've found myself completely refreshed by this new mindset. 

Instead of being negative about my body, I spend more time praising it and admiring it for the fact that it has sustained a human life.  Instead of questioning why my genetics didn't keep me from stretch marks, I thank God that He created me just the way that I am. And instead of seeing my stretch marks as permanent "scars," I've decided to view them as permanent reminders of my love for my sweet boy, my first child. 

Isn't it amazing how a positive perspective can change everything?

I guess I've simply realized that while many people might say that pregnancy can cause you to "lose" your body...your tight skin, your flat tummy, your ability to not pee yourself when you sneeze...pregnancy also gives you so much more. And I've decided that I'll take wicked stretch marks (and things much worse) any day for all of the time I'm going to spend with my sweet boy. 

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