Dear Peanut - v.16

Dear Peanut,

35 weeks. It's only 2 more weeks until you're "full term." 

Momma's body has been getting ready to have you. I feel Braxton Hicks regularly now and I thank God that He created our bodies to know how to prepare for matter how uncomfortable that process may be.

You're definitely getting big and so is your Momma. I can tell that you're getting cramped in there because you move a little less these days, and when you do move, they're quick squirms or jolts.

We had the first baby shower honoring you this weekend. It was the first one of four. You are so loved already. So many people were there celebrating your presence and upcoming arrival. I hope you can feel that love. If you can't now, you will in just a few short weeks. 

 All of the gifts in your room
 Swaddling blankets made by my Grandma, your Great Grandma
 A quilt made by your great-great aunt. It has your puppy siblings on it.

You got lots of gifts, and I love them all. I can't wait to see you wrapped in your blankets and all of your chubby, little rolls in your clothes.

Love you to the moon and back,