Dear Peanut - v.15

Dear Peanut,

Your Dad and I celebrated our last New Year's Eve without you. We went to Gram and Pop's lake house and spent lots of time relaxing. I wish I could say that your Momma lived up her last New Year without you, but I spent most of my night laying on a couch, watching a movie.

Growing up, New Year's Eve was always a family celebration for me. I've spent every New Year's celebration with your Gram and Pop (and most of them with your uncles). I've thought about that a lot this weekend and today your Daddy and I had a talk about what we'd like New Year's Eve to be like for our little family.  

We picture our little family hanging around a bonfire, eating yummy snacks, and you trying to stay awake till midnight. And if you happen to make it till midnight, we'll toast with glasses of sparkling cider. I hope you're okay with this plan. I promise to make it lots of fun for you.

Only 7 more weeks till you're due to be here, buddy. I know you're getting cramped in there. I'm getting antsy waiting to meet you. 

I love you so much,