InstaFriday - 1/13

Another week has come and gone, so that means another InstaFriday post is here.  
As always, I'm linking up with Life Rearranged for this post.

This past week we had a late birthday dinner/celebration for me and Code (his is the 30th of December and mine is January 2nd. We ate at The Cheesecake Factory, which is one of my absolute favorites. Seriously, all of the food there is to die for.

Unfortunately, our celebration was rained on the next day, when Cody started to get really sick. We spent Sunday at CareNow and the poor boy walked away with a diagnosis of strep throat and an upper respiratory infection. 

Luckily he didn't stay sick for too long and was quickly back to babying me and my whiny, swollen self. I'm tellin ya...the man is a saint.

I also spent time crafting and finished the mobile for Gunner's room. I'm hoping to get it hung up this week so that I can take better pictures and maybe even post a tutorial.

We're also preparing for our little boy in other ways. I did several loads of baby laundry this week, and I won't lie...laundry has never been so fun. I'm sure the fun will wear off eventually.

Oh, and I keep growing. We haven't taken an "official" (aka non-mirror) belly picture in awhile, so here's what I've got for this week. I'm 34 weeks, soon-to-be 35 weeks on Sunday. I remember thinking I'd never fill this shirt out, but sure enough, I did. Pregnancy never ceases to amaze me.

Lastly, I just wanted to thank everyone for the sweet thoughts and comments on my blog post about the swelling in my leg. I loved hearing your support and loved hearing that so many of you identified with what I had to say. 

I have lots of emails that I haven't responded to quite yet, 
but I promise I will get back to each of you. 

Also, the results of my test have come back and the ultrasound shows no evidence of a blood clot. The swelling has also gone down and any swelling I've had the past few days is no different than the "normal" pregnancy swelling. Seems like my little man was just hanging out on a nerve on the left side of my body and was causing the swelling. I can already tell that he's gonna be a stubborn, little stinker like his Momma...

Hope you all have a great weekend!